Sparks The Rescue Show Review

June 11, 2010: Sparks The Rescue with Waking Elliot, Hunting Simon, and This Is The Good Fight at the El ‘N Gee Club in New London, CT

Alex Roy

The show began with This Is The Good Fight, hailing all the way from Texas. While I give them props for starting the show with a high-energy pop rock set, I wasn’t too impressed with anything musically (or the fact that they had a microphone with auto-tune).
This Is The Good Fight

Hunting Simon, a local hardcore band, played next. Their set was expected, being a typical hardcore group.
Hunting Simon

Following was Waking Elliot, also based out of Connecticut. I was extremely surprised by how great their set was. The band features two female vocalists, with lead vocals by Mary Carson and keys and back-up vocals by Allyson Brown. The lead vocals were incredibly strong, and their sound was surprisingly polished for a local band. To me, they sounded like a mix of Meg & Dia, Between the Trees, and Automatic Loveletter. I would definitely recommend checking out this band; they have potential to be huge in the next few years.
Waking Elliot

Finally, Sparks the Rescue played as the crowd (although small) rushed the stage. Their energy was incomparable; something about their stage presence is just captivating. They played a variety of songs off of their newest release, Eyes To The Sun, that were great songs for letting loose and just dancing to, as the crowd made evident. However, my favorite part of their set was the older track, “Getting Clean In The Dirty South”; while I like Eyes To The Sun, I preferred their older, more post-hardcore sound to the newer pop-punk sound that they’ve adopted. Regardless, they played a fun set and delivered well. You can catch Sparks the Rescue this summer on select dates of the Vans Warped Tour – if you’re already going to Warped Tour, Sparks is definitely a worthwhile set to check out.
Alex Roy

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For more information on the bands mentioned in this review:
This Is The Good Fight:
Hunting Simon:
Waking Elliot:
Sparks The Rescue:

-Molly Kluba

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  1. Cathy Roy

    I saw Waking Elliot when they performed with at the Webster about 2 months ago. I had the same reaction as you. Amazed that they were a local band. I’ve seen them 5 times since. I told them the same thing, they have potential to be huge in the next few years. Not only are they incredibly talented musicians, they are all really nice people as well.

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